Dr. Rajesh Bhat U

Consultant Cardiology


MBBS, MD (Gen Med), DNB (Cardiology)

Fellowship & Membership

  • Correlation of duration of diabetes with severity of coronary artery disease in patients with Type II diabetes mellitus . T.D Shah, R S Venkariya, R L Kamath M N Bhat, N D Pai, R U Bhat, P K Kamath
  • Role of Tolvaptan in congestive heart failure patients : A novel therapeutic approach – T D shah, S T Varghese, R L Kamath, M N bhat, N D Pai, R U Bhat, P K Kamath
  • Congenital coronary artery to pulmonary artery fistula : An unseen Villain – T D Shah, V G Karnik, M P Srinvasan, R L Kamath, M N Bhat, N D Pai, R U Bhat, P K, Kamath
  • Short term outcome in chronic heart failure with the additions of Hydralazine to standard anti failure therapy – A prospective study – Dr Shijie Varghese
  • Risk factor profile of young patients with acute coronary syndrome - Dr. Ritesh Vakariya
  • Comparative study of intra coronary SNP and Nikoran for treatment of flow phenomenon during PCI in patients with acute coronary syndrome. – Dr Siddesh
  • Short term outcome (1 year follow-up study) in a severe CAD (Syntax score 722) with difference therapeutic strategies (percutaneous coronary intervention V/S coronary artery bypass graft V/S medical management ) – Dr Vidur Karnik .
  • Echocardiographic assessment of strain in myocardial infarct after revascularization and after 1 month , a follow-up study
  • An echocardiographic assessment and comparison of right ventricular function in acute inferior wall MI and within one month of index event patients after undergoing successful revascularization procedure.
  • 1. Impact of myocardial reperfusion status on electrical activity after successful recanalization in acute STEMI - R S Vekariya, T D Shah, M Rai, R.Bhat, N Pai, M N Bhat, P Kamath, R L Kamath
  • 2.Echocardiographic assessment of Rt ventricle in acute inferior wall MI and its coronary angiographic correlation , Yogesh Kharche, T D Shah, M Rai, R.Bhat, N Pai, M N Bhat, P Kamath, R L Kamath
  • 3. Micro albuminuria as an independent predictor of adverse cardiac events in patients with severe coronary artery disease (Syntax score >22) – Karnik V G, Mukund P S, Sharma A, Kamath R L M Rai, R.Bhat, N Pai, M N Bhat, P Kamath, R L Kamath

Field of Expertise

  • Complex Coronary Interventions

Languages Spoken

  • Kannada
  • Hindi
  • English
  • Tulu
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