Consultant, , Jaipur
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Dr. Ravi Dara

Consultant, , Jaipur
  • DNB- Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine
  • MD - Transfusion Medicine
  • MBBS

  • Oral presentation award at Joint congress of AABB and AATM at Bangalore, India on 10-11 December 2016
  • Harold Gunson Fellowship award at 33rd International Congress of ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion) Seoul, South Korea
  • Harold Gunson Fellowship award at 23rd Regional Congress of ISBT (International Society of Blood Transfusion) Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • Post graduate student award 1st Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine; Jaipur India (ISTM)
  • Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) fellowship.
  • Winner in Post Graduate category, 1st Annual National Conference of Indian Society of Transfusion Medicine (ISTM) Jaipur India.
  • 1st Runner up in 20th IAP National Peadiatric Quiz 2007 organised by Indian Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Area of Expertise

  • Putting up and managing blood bank with respect to infrastructure, personnel, software, systems, processes and procedures. Instrumental in getting NABH Blood Bank accreditation and blood bank audits at Medanta-The Medicity.
  • Managing individual labs like donor laboratory (Pre-donation screening, phlebotomy and post donation care), Apheresis laboratory (Donor apheresis procedures and therapeutic procedures on patients of neurological diseases like GB Syndrome, hematological disorders like TTP etc. and stem cell harvesting), Component laboratory (Separation & Usage of all components like red cells, FFP, Platelets etc), Transfusion Transmitted Infections Testing laboratory (Testing of TTI like HIV, HBV, HCV etc by EIA, chemiluminescence, rapid & NAT assays), Immunohematology and Compatibility Lab (Grouping, cross matching by different techniques like tube technique, micro plate technique and Column agglutination technique and special tests like AHG (direct and indirect), saliva testing, titration, adsorption and elution etc.
  • Managing Immunohematology reference laboratory at Medanta-the Medicity, Gurgaon- handling complex immunohematological cases from pan-India.
  • Rational usage of blood components in various clinical specialties/various indications
  • Peripheral Stem Cell harvesting, cryo-preservation, and infusion in the patient
  • Immunogenetics- HLA typing, Complement-dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC), Flow crossmatch, PRA, DSA for

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