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Children’s Airway & Swallowing Centre

Children’s Airway & Swallowing Centre

The ability to breathe and swallow is the most important prerequisite to sustain life. Thanks to advances in medicine, the chances of survival of newborns with life-threatening birth defects has increased. The inborn defects of the airway or food passage or narrowing of the airway caused by the very intervention to save the child's life might result in airway obstruction and swallowing disorders.

Very often these children require highly skilled care to re-establish the airway by relatively simple or costly complicated reconstructive procedures. The parents are usually low on morale and financially exhausted to support further care. The challenge is to set up the last mile connectivity so that the child can go home and enjoy the fruits of the costly treatment given.

Conventional hospital setups both in the government and private sector are not equipped to handle these unfortunate children due to inherent problems in the existing pattern of healthcare.

Apart from financial constraints, lack of necessary skills and communication across the specialties is a major impediment to optimal care of these children. For the last 18 years Children's Airway and Swallowing Centre (CASC), has tried to do the following:

  1. Establish multidisciplinary care for children with airway and swallowing disorders.
  2. A better inter-speciality communication having a committed member in each of the following specialities:
  3. Hold conferences to upgrade the skills of doctors interested in this area
  4. In order to build volumes of cases and to ensure that skills reach the disadvantaged groups -build a Private-Public Partnership to help patients from Government Children’s Hospitals.
  5. Create a model to subsidise the cost of care by voluntary honorary work and contributions from the community.

Till now we have received scientific and clinical collaboration from members of the faculty from the following international universities of repute;

  • University of Laussane, Switzerland.
  • University of Cincinnati, USA.
  • University of Pittsburg Medical Center.
  • National University of Singapore.

We have received financial support from:

  • A large number of grateful patients
  • GMR Foundation
  • Vaswani Group
  • Salman Khan Foundation
  • The Oberoi Bangalore
  • Innumerable family members and friends who don’t want to be named
  • Manipal Hospital for free beds and moral support of the management
  • Various CEO's

We are also thankful to:

  • The team of Consultant and Junior Doctors of Manipal Hospital who gave their time and skills free of cost.
  • Doctors and Administration of Indira Gandhi Institute of Child Health
  • Jayadeva Institute of Cardiology
  • Fortis Hospital, Bangalore
  • Escorts Heart Hospital, Delhi
  • Karachi Medical College Hospital, for placing their trust in us

Kindly support us financially and let us join our hands together in restoring airway and swallowing to these unfortunate children.

Your small contribution will make a big difference in the lives of these children and their families

Thanking you in anticipation.

Best wishes and regards,
Dr. E. V. Raman
Children’s Airway and Swallowing Centre (CASC)
Manipal Hospital, Bangalore

For any queries, reach us on manipal.foundation@manipalgroup.com or  msw@manipalhospitals.com.


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