Workplace Stress Is Bad For Your Heart 8 Tips To Overcome it

I am sure that at some or the other level at your workplace you might have felt stressed out. This may happen when your boss delegates a week’s worth work and asks you to finish in a couple of days or when your team member is on vacation, while the whole work burden falls on you, or when you are unwell at the day of work delivery. Your reasons would differ but when the work is more than your capability or the demand is in high need, you may be a victim of stress. However, some workplace stress is ok. But if it frustrates you more on a regular mode, then it can turn out to be an enemy for your heart.

Difference between PRESSURE and STRESS

Workplace stress is not what happens to us. It is just how we respond to the situation. Don’t get confused! Pressure acts as a motivating factor and is good as it keeps you on track with your work and is often important for you as it helps you in reaching your targets.

But when the pressure on you is more and crosses the limit then it is called stress. Too much of pressure is a natural trigger to stress.

What happens when your stress levels are at peaks?
  • Your blood pressure shoots up
  • Your sleeping pattern starts altering
  • Your palms get wet as your heart beat raises
  • Your interest in spending with the family and friends declines
How does workplace stress increase the risk of your heart disease?

Imagine that you have the task of delivering the work by the end of the day, and there is a lot of work pending. At this moment your body pumps up the stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to help you get busy to get your work done.

Once in a while it is fine, if this repeats without end, your body would always be loaded with these chemicals and they start converting into cholesterol. It is well known that cholesterol is the main culprit that makes one to fall into the pit of heart diseases.


Tips to beat up the workplace stress
Try a deep breath

Inhale deeply for 5 seconds, hold on there and exhale slowly. This helps your mind to relax. You can try this after attending a brainstorming session by your boss, or any other stressful task.

Disconnect from the distractors

You may not be stressed if you are on track with your work. It is, therefore, better you avoid the distractions such as phone calls, messages, pop ins, emails, etc. Your day would be bombarded with such interruptions and may reduce your daily outcome. This indeed leads to a last minute rush and leads to a stressful schedule.

Good diet and good night

You must eat a balanced diet; minimize refined carbs, avoid nicotine, eat more omega-3 fatty acids that boost your mood. Eating bad would stress your systems and makes you deprived of sleep. Sleeplessness would, in turn, affect your work nature, and make your day stressed out. So, eat well and sleep well.

Say “No or maybe”

You must be assertive enough to let your boss know that you are already flooded with work. If you can do the work, you must assure; if you cannot, then it’s good for you to explain that you cannot do the work. Or you can request for an extra deadline. Because, too much of work, more than your capacity, may make you fall into a stressful mode.

Go, get moving

You can beat your stress by regular exercises. You can join aerobics. It helps your heart to rise and makes you sweat. It relaxes your mind and calms down your body. At your workplace, when you feel that your stress levels are boosting, then it’s good for you to take a quick break from the place. You can walk for a while; physical movement helps you regain the balance.

Talk to fix

It is good for you to initiate positive relationships with your co-workers. You must feel free to share or discuss your work issues with them; this helps reduce your stress levels. Choose a good pal who is supportive and empathetic to understand and who helps you in sorting your problems. It is not a compulsion that the person should solve your problem; it is ok if he or she is a good listener.

Press the button

You may feel stressed or anxious if you’re the one who should present a seminar or give a speech at your office. Relax! Here is a tip for you. You can press on the acupressure point, for this you need to get your thumb to the mid finger and press it instantly to reduce your blood pressure.

Take time for yourself

Try to plan for vacations during your leave time. If you are not a travel freak, then try to spend a quality time at home with family and friends by keeping away all the work stressors aside. It makes your mind relax and happy.


Well, our bodies are programmed in such a way that it can tolerate acute stress. But if the stress is in excess then it would surely show ill effects on our health. Therefore, it is necessary to be in a stress-free zone by practicing the tips that reduce the stress levels. Unfortunately, if you feel that you are too much into stress, then it is good for you to visit a doctor and follow the medical advice. Do not let stress come into your boundaries. Let it not get a chance to increase the risk of heart diseases in you.

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