We have come a long way from a territorially bound civilization. A report published by World Tourism Organization in 2013, indicates that international tourist arrival grew by 5% making it a phenomenal 1.087 billion. This, along with giving us a broader perspective of the world, makes us susceptible to a lot of illness that could be associated to a specific country. Experts believe that visiting a travel clinic could make you seven times less likely to contract a disease.

Travelling abroad  Health tips :Based on your travel destination adequate precautionary measures would be required to ensure that you do not fall sick. This becomes all the more important in the rise of world threatening epidemic like Ebola, which spreads quickly, due to international travel. Further, it becomes the primary responsibility of every individual to ensure that they stay updated with international medical concerns.
A travel clinic gives us a clear understanding of the following :

  • Appropriate Vaccines and medications
  • Precautionary measures to avoid infection
  • Information about health regulations for destination countries
  • Documentation to enter destination countries
  • Materials about health insurance coverage for international travelers

Further, World Tourism Organization report for the period May to August 2014 indicates that there will be about 460 million tourist expected to travel abroad. World Health Organization also emphasizes that all travelers should be up to date with routine vaccinations. Travel is also a good opportunity for health care providers to review the immunization status of infants, children, adolescents and adults. For information related to recommended vaccines you can refer the following WHO link. http://www.who.int/ith/updates/20110427/en/




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