In a world that calls for ‘fast-forwarded’ action there is a rising need to keep our body in shape. Well, when you are talking about body and the world, the one thing that you cannot ignore is the impact your spine has on your daily actives. The classic dilemma that neither rest nor work would be our savior, but right amount of rest and work is to be kept in mind.

However, it doesn’t end there, the position in which we do our daily activities also matters. Therefore, it becomes very important to ensure that our every activity is done in the right way.

Following are few tips to keep your spine healthy and avoid these back pain problems

1. Sleeping

A good night’s rest is inevitable for the well being of a sound body and mind. Doctors claim that rest on your tummy could increase the strain on your spine. Therefore, it is advisable to rest on your side.

2. Shoes

Shoes definitely stand up in the fads that fill our minds. Being most comfortable in your shoes is very important as, any imbalance could lead to muscle strain and possible injury.

3. Stay Hydrated

When the spine lacks hydration, the spinal discs could bulge or get rupture.

4. Keep fit

Just have your body warmed up once in a while. Inactivity could end up in muscle tightening and muscle-immobility.

5. Massage

Therapeutic massages relieve stress in our muscles, and improve our blood flow.

6. Correct your posture

Many people don’t pay attention to their posture. When we maintain a certain position for a long period of time, poor posture often becomes worse, stretching and possible tearing of fibres in the soft tissue around the spine can then occur.This is where back pain starts or increases. Good balance should be your primary goal or objective.




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