Medical procedures are often very complicated and hard to explain to those who are not doctors. This leads to a lot of confusion and worry among patients and their loved ones. Keeping this in mind, we at Manipal Hospitals have come up with animated videos that help break down the many complicated medical procedures that are performed on patients so that everyone is equally enlightened on the procedure at hand. Too add to that, we’re also running  a competition which will ensure that those watching are listening too.

Participants of the competition will be given a scrambled word which they’ll have to unscramble by spotting the same word within the video we put up. They can send in their  answers on Facebook / Twitter and  stand a chance to win some exciting prizes. This way, not only can they get educated on some complicated medical procedures, they can also have fun while participating.

In order to participate in the contest, the participant has to follow the following steps:

  •  Click to subscribe to our YouTube channel  Youtube-subscribe
  •  Watch the video below to unscramble the word . Hint at 1 min 39 sec
  •  Send in your answers to our Facebook / Twitter page to win.


Now that you have watched the video, unscramble the term mentioned below .

Think Smart

Terms & Conditions
  • We will be announcing 1 lucky winner per day.
  • A user can participate in this contest only once for one question.
  • Winners will be entitled to win Amazon vouchers.
  • Every winning participant will be contacted directly.
  • Complaints, if any, must be mentioned in the comments section below addressed to Manipal Hospitals, and the decisions of Manipal Hospitals in relation to such complaints shall be final and binding.




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