The Only Things We Need To Be Intolerant To Are Corruption And Greed

There have been raging debates grabbing prime time coverage in the news channels and front pages of major newspapers in our country about “intolerance” and “society”.

Enough and more has been said about this issue.

I would like the community at large to debate our extreme tolerance to corruption and greed in our country which has probably the largest following in our nation and is spreading like a virulent cancer destroying the society and country rapidly.

This is one form of belief we cannot afford to be tolerant to and if we do not protest now it will be too late to prevent the catastrophic consequences.

In my opinion most of the evils in this country can be linked to corruption and greed.

Just to quote a few examples, it may be a bribe to get a ration card or an electricity connection or the more serious ones where guns and bombs are supplied to terrorists by unscrupulous dealers with the help of corrupt officials as happened in the infamous Bombay blasts where the arms were smuggled with the help of the customs and law enforcement agencies.

The same holds good for the substandard buildings and bridges which are cleared by corrupt officials putting the lives of our citizens in danger. This is again clearly evident in the massive flooding disaster in Chennai where in addition to the fury of nature, illegal construction being allowed in lake beds obviously by greasing palms, has contributed in a significant manner.

There is no part of a common man’s existence that is not effected by the omnipresent corruption. Any one witnessing the urban decay of truly beautiful cities like Bangalore be it the ugly concrete jungle that has become of this IT Hub or the Garden City being now called Garbage city or the pathetic pot hole ridden shameful roads and traffic that we have to put up with on a daily basis the; root cause of all this can be traced to the greatest evil of our times – Corruption and Greed.

It is a serious wake up call for my dear fellow citizens. Please ensure that this is the only thing that you have to be extremely intolerant to so that the proponents of this belief are defeated and are forced to change or leave our civilized society.

I urge every citizen rich or poor, of any religion caste or creed, young or old, men or women, to raise their voices today against greed and corruption and save our country from this dangerous situation while we still can.


Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal

Chairman –  MHEPL, Chairman – Medical Advisory Board
Manipal Hospitals, 98, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore-560017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the writer and not of the hospital.

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