The 9 Warning Signs To Look For That Can Lead To A Heart Attack

Heart is the most vital part of our body. It works even when we are at rest. So, it is our responsibility to treat it well. If something goes wrong with your heart, then it is tough for your life. So, we must always know how healthy it is and keep monitoring it and ensure its protected from any attack.

Heart attack is the most demonic condition which makes your heart very weak. Many people die each year due to heart attacks. Have you ever heard someone telling you, “My relative had a heart attack and collapsed on the ground all of a sudden?” Many times right?

Yes, people think most of the heart attacks come suddenly without any prior hint or symptom and are termed as ‘silent killers’. But the truth is that heart attacks are not silent killers they give a hint to our bodies with certain signs and symptoms. It is therefore, important to know the alarming signs before a heart attack, so that we can save ourselves or our neighbors.

The 9 Warning Signs of Heart Attack
1. Chest congestion

If you are heading towards a heart attack, you may feel discomfort in the chest. The severity is reported differently by different people. Some would say it is squeezing, and few would say that there is a pinching sensation or pain and others would say that there is a tight pressure on the chest.

Chest congestion is the most commonly reported symptom before a heart attack. It would last for few minutes, even if you are at rest. You need to talk to your doctor about the pain nature and duration. Your doctor may ask you if the pain is worse when you are touching or pushing on it. Remember you may not always experience a discomfort in your chest before a heart attack.

2. Feeling exhausted

As an early sign of heart attack, you may feel tired to wake up in the morning. Your day would turn out to be difficult for carrying out simple daily activities, and it gets worse day by day. You may feel over exhausted and feel too tired to do anything; this could be a sign of an impending heart attack.

3. Mood swings

If you have some heart problem, it may also show affect on your brain. You may feel anxious for no reason, and it would get back to normal. It can be an early sign of heart attack which is often considered as a symptom of depression or any other problem that is related to your brain. As the heart attack is impending, the anxiety will go to its peaks.

4. Snoring

Is there anyone whom you know snores too much, or is it you? Well! It’s normal to snore a little, but too noisy snoring should not be ignored. It means that you have sleep apnea, and this causes an extra risk to your heart.

Go to the doctor who would suggest you a CPAP machine that helps smoothen out your breathing, while you sleep.

5. Arrhythmic heart beat

It is common that your heart may beat fast at times when you are tensed or excited. But if this continues for a longer time and occurs more frequently, it’s good for you to talk to your doctor. This can be a sign of a heart attack arriving.

6. Swelling in the extremities

Did you know? If your heart does not pump the blood efficiently or when the heart can’t pump the blood with force, blood accumulates in your veins and causes swelling in your legs, feet, and ankles. So, never take a chance, consult your doctor and report it immediately.

7. Radiating pain to arm

Radiating pain down towards your left arm is the most common symptoms that you would experience before a heart attack. You must rush to the doctor if you have such a pain. It starts from your chest and moves down outwardly.

8. Jaw pain

Generally, jaw pain or throat pain is although not related to heart, considering it to be caused by cold or sinus, or thinking it as a muscular problem. But if you experience pain in the center of your chest, which spreads towards your throat and jaw, then you should quickly consult your doctor because jaw pain could be a sign of a heart attack.

9. Heartburn

As an early sign of heart attack, you may have an issue with your digestion. As a sign of an impending heart attack, you would have a terrible heartburn, accompanied by nausea and vomiting. You must consult a doctor to explain the symptoms.


How to differentiate HEARTBURN from HEART ATTACK?

Often heartburn is confused with a heart attack. But you can differentiate it by understanding the symptoms.

In Heart Attack

You will feel fullness, tightness or pain. It could be in the center of the chest, you may have cold sweats, shortness of breath, light headedness, along with nausea and vomiting.

In Heartburn

You would feel an acidic or bitter taste. Belching is also common if you have heartburn. You may experience an increase in the intensity of pain when you are lying down or bending forward.

Good to know

In a heart attack, every minute is very crucial. As you delay getting help, your heart muscle starts dying. Knowing and understanding the symptoms at its earliest helps you to keep the heart attack at its Bay and contribute to saving someone else’s life or your life. So, don’t ever delay!

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