Surprising facts about Sleeping

Our world has so many surprising facts about sleeping that could stun you. Be it the coolest or the warmest places on earth; or the components of our atmosphere, they all carry a bit of awe. Well, to know something about one of our primary (considered most essential by many) activity would indeed be interesting.The Google defines sleep as “a condition of body and mind which typically recurs for several hours every night, in which the nervous system is inactive, the eyes closed, the postural muscles relaxed, and consciousness practically suspended.”

Given below are some of the interesting facts about how our world sleeps.

  • 75% of us dream in color compared to 15% before the introduction of Color Television.
  • Sea Otters hold their hands, while sleeping, so that they do not drift away during the night.
  • A funny fact is that we sleep better during New Moon than on a Full Moon day.
  • Ever wonder why you get so sleepy during the afternoon; our tiredness peaks twice a day at 2 in the morning and evening
  • We are the only crazy mammals that would willingly delay sleep.
  • While awake for more than 16 hours, the performance in our body decreases as if the blood alcohol where about 0.05%.
  • Exercising regularly improves your sleeping pattern. Sporadic or Sleep time exercising could leave you sleeps deprived.
  • Mammals like dolphin and whales fall half asleep, one side of the brain sleeps so that the other side can take turns come up for air
  • Sleeplessness can leave you hungrier because leptin, an appetite regulating hormone, drops down.

Therefore, ensure that you get the right amount of sleep. It is very crucial to your everyday activity.

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