In our previous blog we gave you some simple diet tips to do away with flab. However, many a time, keeping a watch on your diet alone may not help. When life gets hectic many of us become inactive and put on weight which is hard to shed.


To make weight loss a reality, you need to put in some distinct lifestyle changes too! In this blog we will let you know how to club in minor routine changes in your daily life to get a slimmer you in the time to come. Read on for some handy tips:

†Start early! – Do your cardio early in the morning before consuming food. It would help reduce those calories more than in any other time of the day. Cardiovascular exercises or cardio include – speed walking, running, biking, and other activities that increase your heart rate.

†Stay busy!Staying busy is another requisite to lose weight. If you keep yourself busy, it would be easy for you to lose weight and not think about your food cravings.

†Beat it!No we are not talking about Micheal Jackson’s famous number here. We are talking about food cravings. You can beat them if you try to. Always keep in mind that your cravings generally last only for 20 minutes or so. If you can resist them during this time period, you have overpowered your craving! 

†Grab a friend! –  It is said that people who work out together loose more weight than who work out alone! This is an easy tip to help you excise more so that you look slimmer.

†Let your dinnerware help you shed!Generally, people tend to take cues from what they get to see. If you have a big plate and less food in it. It can make you think, I can have some more. Instead opt for smaller plates which would make your plate appear full.  Relish your desserts with small spoons. It would not only make you eat less but would also help you enjoy the treat for a longer time. 

†Be stress free! Sleep enough – a tiring mind always has more food cravings than a well-rested one.

Do remember that optimum benefits from your diet plan can be achieved only when one clubs it with some minor lifestyle adjustments. Losing weight is achievable. If you pay a little attention and do some minor changes in your routine, you are sure to get the results that you always craved for! Give your body some time to adjust to these changes. With every inch that you lose, your body would just start loving you for the enormous health benefits that come with the weigh-loss!

Stay Fit! Stay Happy!




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