One might as well think that he or she is doing everything right like eating a healthy diet, keeping as “fit as a fiddle” by maintaining a regular routine of calorie burning physical exercise, not ever smoking nor drinking and keeping work stress under thorough check, so there is as little a chance of him or her ever getting sick, leave alone catch hold of something which might be life threatening: something like a heart attack! Despite living a life by the book in terms of the upkeep of a healthy life style, at times the ways of the heart, one of the most vital organs of our body can go absolutely haywire. It is at these times one might wonder “how” or “what” in the world might have gone so awfully wrong. Well, what about your sleep?


Within the medical journals and database of numerous healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities are records of such cases of several minor as well as severe heart attacks wherein the patient has no recollection of any sort of heart health complaint or any problem as such, anytime in the near nor faraway past. Moreover neither are they known to have abused their health in any way possible and have done ‘all’ to see that they keep themselves up and about. All except sleep: sleep as much as their bodies required them to.

The way that our lives are moving at the moment where the challenges of life and fetching a livelihood has almost entered the realms of the extreme, twelve hours of daylight just does not seem to be enough to be doing that, which is required of us to do before calling it a day. So, when time management becomes a real issue at large, what we are pushed to do is steal some precious time out of our sleep hours. However, as mentioned above there are a number of affairs which ought to remind us that getting enough sleep is a vital sign of health just like blood pressure or respiratory rate.

A growing body of evidence is linking lack of sleep with heart disease. Is being sleep deprived just as bad as having high cholesterol and/or elevated blood pressure? Some of the documented findings of late answer in the affirmative. According to a medical research report over the need and the lack of sleep, sleeping fewer than six hours a night has been linked to an increased risk for high blood pressure by 350 to 500 percent compared to those who sleep for longer than 6 hours per night. Even Young people aged fairly between 25 to 49 years are twice as likely to get high blood pressure if they sleep less and Individuals who slept less than 5 hours a night had a 3-fold increased risk of heart attacks. It was also observed that even one night of sleep loss increases very toxic substances in the body that might increase the risks of many medical conditions, including cancer, arthritis and heart disease. In terms of overall percentages, researchers have found that sleeping just five hours or less a night leads to a 39 percent increase in heart disease. Sleeping for six hours or less per night leads to an 18 percent increase in heart disease.

It is therefore an unavoidable conclusion:

if you’re not getting your sleep hours to match your body’s needs, which for most of us means at least seven hours a night, then you might as well sit in front of the television chomping on all the fries and slurps available over a telephone call, drink till you last and smoke-up till your sight is dimmed by the recurrent smoke. One might at times blame late night television, or a daily bag of fries or an ill habit caught up at will, everybody knows that what is required needs to be done for if the pre-requisites are ignored, then there definitely remains no point in undoing what should have been avoided in the first place!





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