Relieving sinusitis pain in just 5 steps

Have you ever felt deep pain with pressure above your nose or in between your eyes coupled with a splitting headache, as if your head was about to explode? Do not ignore it as just another stress-induced headache. This annoying pain can be a Sinusitis attack!


You may get a Sinusitis attack if you had prolonged course of common cold which went untreated, bacterial or fungal infection, tooth infection, immune system disorders and so on. While there is no magic pill that can take your sinusitis pain away forever, here are some remedies that will help ease your pain for a while:

1.  Breathe in steam! – To instantly get relief from the bothersome pain of sinusitis, it is recommended that one inhales steam or vapours. These effectively facilitate in unclogging the blocked passages.

2.  Keep it warm! – When you start feeling the pain, have a warm cloth or towel on your face for some time. It assists in relieving the infection instantly. 

3.  Drink fluids! – To lessen the discomfort sinusitis causes, it is advised that you keep yourself hydrated! To keep sinusitis at bay, drink water and other fluids, preferably warm.  It will help thin out the mucus that might have formed due to sinusitis.

4.  The salty magic! – Another way to unclog your sinusitis is by dipping salty water in your nostrils. Standing in front of the bathroom sink angle your head to a side, pour the salt water in one of the nostrils let the stream go toward the back of the head. This nasal irrigation helps ease the pain your blocked nasal cavities may be causing. It can be repeated in each of the nostril.

5.  Rest! –  To relieve the pain it is recommend that you take proper rest.  Help your body recover by giving it adequate time to rest. Get ample sleep and be at ease.

The treatment of sinusitis depends upon the state and severity of the sinusitis condition that a person has. Some patients may be provided with Nasal Decongestants, some others with pain relievers (like aspirin) or antibiotics. Severe cases of sinusitis condition may even require an endoscopic surgery!

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