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Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD) in India: A Silent Epidemic

It has been estimated that over 10% of our population is affected by chronic kidney diseases (suffering for more than 3 months) with around 2,00,000 to 4,00,000 Indians developing end-stage kidney disease (kidney failure)...

Women Health in India

Today is International Women’s Day – a day to show our love, respect and appreciation for women in our lives, in our society and across the world. On this day we call them the...

Is Laughter Actually A Best Medicine?

Laughter is strong medicine for mind and body. Why do we say that? The connection between laughter and medicine could be easily understood. It is a natural process. Laughter is communicable! The sound of laughter is...

Understanding Breast Cancer – Treatments

Breast cancer can be treated: In our last blog, we understood about breast cancer, its risk factors and how methods of early detection can help in lowering the risk involved and assist in a successful...

Symptoms and Detection of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a malignant tumor that starts in the cells of the breast, either in cells that line the ducts that carry milk to the nipples (ductal cancer) and/or in cells that line...


KNOWING CANCER Cancer is not as small as the word itself is. It is much more complicated and serious. We cannot define cancer as one disease. In fact, cancer is a family of more than...