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Kidney transplant surgery

Important Facts To Know About Kidney Transplant Surgery

This is a surgery where a kidney transplant takes place between a healthy and a viable donor and a person with a failed kidney. Possible donors The donated kidney can come from: A living related donor,...
Blood transfusion

What Is The Risk Of HIV From A Blood Transfusion?

Most blood transfusions are smooth and take place with ease. However, there might be some specific disadvantages. Before proceeding any further, you should know what exactly happens in blood transfusion and the potential risks...
Oral cancer treatment

Oral Cancer: Causes & Treatments!

What is oral cancer? This is a type of cancer which affects the mouth and the pharynx of the throat. Why is oral cancer usually caused? Oral cancer is usually attributed towards an unhealthy lifestyle and bad...
Treatment for kidney transplant

Causes, Symptoms and Treatment For Kidney Transplant

A pair of kidneys is an indispensable component of the human anatomy. Located at the rear end of the abdominal cavity, the main function of these bean-shaped organs is to filter the blood in...
Type 2 diabetes

8 Warning Signs Of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is basically attributed to the improper intake of insulin by your body. Improper insulin functioning in the body often causes the glucose levels to accumulate in the blood, thereby increasing the...
Pancreatic cancer

Learn About Pancreatic Cancer: Types & Symptoms!

As the name suggests, cancer in the pancreas of our body is called pancreatic cancer. When pancreatic cells start multiplying uncontrollably pancreatic cancer starts. An insight about the organ pancreas will help you understand...
Kidney transplant

Life After Kidney Transplant!

The success or failure of a kidney transplant relies upon its care after the surgery. The human body has been designed to reject foreign objects in its system. Therefore, proper precautions must be taken...
Joint replacement surgery

4 Most Common Myths About Joint Replacement Surgery

Arthritis is usually a chronic (long-term) and progressive disease that can cause pain, disability, and deformity. Surgery may be recommended by your doctor to improve your quality of life or when other measures are...
Symptom of brain tumor

Is Headache A Symptom Of Brain Tumor?

Everyone gets headaches at some point or the other. However, it would be totally wrong to associate them with brain tumors. There are some distinguishing factors which separate a simple normal headache from those...
physical fitness

10 Physical Fitness Factors to Assess How Fit Are You?

Physical fitness basically refers to that condition of the body wherein an individual is able to carry out his lifestyle activities with greater ease while being immune to potential health issues and emergency situations....