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Viral arthritis

Viral Arthritis: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Viral arthritis is having arthritis due to a pathogenic viral infection. This type of arthritis involves swelling or inflammation of joints in our body due to infection caused by certain viruses. Viral arthritis normally...
Organ transplant

5 Most Common FAQ’s For Organ Transplant

Any organ transplant is a big decision to be carried out from the patient`s point of view as well as the doctor`s or the hospital`s.  Transplants are mostly done when every other treatment fail...
Ovarian cancer

How To Detect An Ovarian Cancer In The Early Stage?

Cancer can affect almost all the body parts. Breast cancer and ovarian cancer are the most common cancers in women. Ovarian cancer is proved to be the eighth most common cancer and the second...
White bumps on lips

All You Need To Know About White Bumps On Lips – Symptoms, Diagnosis &...

It is a distressful condition to have white spots on your lips which can occur either on the edges or anywhere over the lips. You feel conscious of communicating to people as their attention...
Delicious recipes for healthier heart

7 Delicious Recipes For A Healthier Heart

Most of us are living with a misconception that anything which is healthy is not tasty. But this is not true. If you are good at cooking, you can make different varieties of tasty...
Major dangers of untreated asthma

Know the Major Dangers Of Untreated Asthma

It is known that a person treated for asthma can lead a normal life. So what happens to those patients who are untreated? Luckily many of them do not suffer from severe asthma but...
work stress

Workplace Stress Is Bad For Your Heart! 8 Tips To Overcome it.

I am sure that at some or the other level at your workplace you might have felt stressed out. This may happen when your boss delegates a week’s worth work and asks you to...
How to treat acute sports injury?

How To Treat Acute Sports Injury?

An acute sports injury is one in which there is a specific mechanism of injury (hit by a ball, plant, and twist, collision with an opponent) and an immediate onset of symptoms including swelling,...
pregnancy tests

What Are The Most Common Types Of Pregnancy Tests And How Do They Work?

There is no bigger gift on earth than having a life growing inside you, Agree? Yes! Knowing that you are pregnant is the most amazing feeling you must have had ever before. You will...
Lead a happy life after retirement

5 Useful Tips To Lead A Happy Life After Retirement

It is very important for you to plan a good daily routine once you retire from the slogging phase of life. Remember!! You have just retired from the responsibilities of work but are always...