spinal chord

Case 1:

MR. AAMIR RASHID, 20-year old male from Oman presented with traumatic paraplegia following a road traffic accident in early infancy and was wheel chair bound. He had noticed spinal deformity and pelvic imbalance making it difficult for him to sit unsupported on the wheelchair. X-rays showed rigid left sided Thoracolumbar Kyphoscoliosis measuring about 143° and fixed pelvic obliquity of about 45°. He underwent posterior multi-level spinal osteotomies, instrumented scoliosis correction and fusion T2-Ilium under multi-modal neuromonitoring guidance. He was started wheel chair mobilization on the very next day of surgery and was discharged home. He was able to sit without any difficulty or support in his wheel chair and was able to move around without any assistance. His post-operative radiographs revealed that the pelvis was square and the Cobb angle had reduced to 34°. He underwent physiotherapy and rehabilitation and was planned to travel back to Oman 3 weeks after surgery.



Case 2:

MS KHALOUD ABDALLAH, 22-years old female presented with history of operated neural tube defect at thoracolumbar junction at birth with residual weakness in both lower limbs and loss of bowel / bladder control. Her parents noticed progressive deformity of back since then. X-rays of whole spine showed neuromuscular thoracolumbar scoliosis measuring about 78° and kyphosis measuring about 75°. The MRI screening of spine showed TYPE 1 diastematomyelia with bony spur at thoraco-lumbar region and Low lying cord with dermoid tumor at lumbosacral junction.

She underwent bony spur excision surgery at thoracolumbar junction and detethering surgery at the lumbosacral junction. On the next day, she further underwent Posterior Scoliosis Correction and Instrumented fusion T2-S1 surgery successfully under multi-modal neuromonitoring guidance. Thorocolumbar scoliosis was reduced to 21° and kyphosis to 37°. She was able to sit without support and was started on mobilization with support. She too was discharged on the 2nd post-operative day and is undergoing physiotherapy and mobilization. She will be traveling back in 2-3 weeks after surgery.






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