Over the last few years the status of our country as an International power has been slipping away. In my numerous interactions with people from different walks of life the feedback that I received was that India is not and will never achieve a superpower status. Some even felt that we were drifting towards being a failed state, like our neighbor, and others went to the extent of comparing us to the Banana Republics in Africa.

Fortunately in the last few months I see a change in perception in the very people that I interact on a regular basis changing. In my opinion there are many events in the recent past that have changed this perception.

  • The brilliant achievement of our scientists at ISRO in successfully conducting the MARS mission.
  • The selfless and unconditional dedication of our armed forces in salvaging the flood ravaged state of Kashmir in spite of the great odds, without prejudice about the caste, creed or affiliation to the people they were helping, lifted the hearts of millions across the country.
  • The fair, independent and fearless judiciary which has treated the mighty of the land the same way a common man would be treated.
  • Probably for the first time in independent India a national campaign to clean up the country ( truly and figuratively). This to me this is a great campaign because we truly have cut a sorry figure among many of the visitors because of the unhygienic and filthy environment that exists in many places.
  • The efforts to make the atmosphere conducive for foreign investment and the huge plans to revive the manufacturing sector all of which will go a long way in improving the economy.
  • The increasing respect for us in the outside world as witnessed in the tremendous welcome given to our honourable Prime Minister during his visit to address the UN general assembly in USA.

All these events I am sure will have already changed the perception of the people who have given up hope and let them join us who truly believe in the slogan “Mera Bharath Mahaan”.

Long live India and May God bless our country with peace and prosperity.

Jai Hind

Dr Ballal




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