Manipal Hospitals Mobile App Manage Your Health On The Go

Over the years, mobile phone has drastically transformed from being a simple calling tool to a hyper operative tool. With daily advancement in technology, people are being more attracted towards smart phones and tablets. Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle, people are inclined on using mobile application platforms to satisfy their needs on the move. It is indeed a boon for everyone to access all information at the fingertips.

With the introduction of mobile apps, there is a revolution within the Healthcare industry to digitalize medical care. Manipal Hospitals being a pioneer in healthcare introduced a mobile app of its own known as the Manipal Hospitals app. It can be accessed by both android and IOS platforms-based mobile users. We intend to improve and enhance patient engagement through our mobile app. Manipal Hospitals app provides a new dimension to healthcare with its various features ranging from booking appointments, paying hospital bills, to accessing past health records online.

Here the five important features of Manipal Hospitals app which focus on patient engagement and helps in better health management:


Book Appointments

Book hassle free appointments

‘Long and tiring queues!’ are the words that strike the mind when we think of appointments with doctors. Manipal Hospitals mobile app, with its ‘online book an appointment‘ feature relieves us from those tiring and long waiting hours. You can now book hassle free appointments at your fingertips with this mobile app.


Pay Hospital Bills

Pay Manipal Hospital Bills now

How often do we tend to run around the hospital vicinity looking for an ATM to pay our hospital bills! With Manipal Hospitals mobile app, we no longer have to undergo this distress. The ‘Pay Hospital Bills’ feature built in the app enables you to make instant payments on the move.


Import Past Health Records

Manipal Hospital Health Records

It is a general occurrence that the thought of carrying the past health records while visiting a doctor often slips from our mind. Manipal Hospitals mobile app has the perfect solution to this forgetfulness syndrome. With this app, you can now access all your past medical records in one place. You no longer have to maintain or carry heavy files filled with your past medical health records.


Emergency Services

Emergency Serivces

Panicking due to midnight emergency situations is now a thing of past. With this health app, you can now avail the emergency services with one easy tap.


Latest News & Health Tips

Health Tips

The hasty lifestyle often deprives us of the time to read health news or health-based articles. We usually stay unaware of the latest developments in the medical field which makes us negligent of a widespread disease, latest inventions in medicine, preventive measures and etc. Manipal Hospitals mobile app with its innovative features keeps you updated with all the latest news & health tips on the move. You no longer have to depend on print media to be aware of the latest developments in medical field.

Manipal Hospitals mobile app is truly designed to cater to all the needs of the people on the move!

So Download it now from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and manage your health on the go.

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