Let the best care reach you in the comfort of your home with Manipal Hospital

We, at Manipal Hospitals, understand that amidst our busy day-to-day lives, we often tend to undermine our health and postpone routine yet necessary check-ups and treatments for the lack of time. We also know that there are many among us for whom going to a hospital for health check-ups can be a challenging ordeal.


We are proud to have found a way to address these issues.

Without disrupting your normal life, Manipal Hospital lets you enjoy the best medical care possible with our personalized Homecare Services. Our founder (Late) Dr. T M A Pai dreamt of introducing this service which today has become a reality and turned out to be a beneficial technique of recovery, especially for the elderly.

Through our unique and innovative offering of Homecare Services you can enjoy the following benefits:

•Peace – Home is where you enjoy peace and tranquility. In many cases, it is also the place where you are likely to recover from an ailment sooner.  In the comfort zone of your home, get a medical examination done with just a phone call. Yes, just call us at 080 42184444 and have your appointment fixed with our home care service provider.

•Undivided Attention – The home care provider would have just you to take care of. Enjoy all the undivided attention with the best home care service available in town with Manipal Hospital.

Family support – Being at home also lets you enjoy the company of your family when you get your check up done. You may have your children, close friends, sisters or brother around while the healthcare provider attends to you. 

Home delivered care – No need to dress up. Just be in your comfortable attire and get personalized care and undivided attention. Get your blood pressure checked, IV infusions, chemotherapy port flushing, or get your blood samples collected right at home at your own convenience.

With Manipal’s Homecare Services, gone are the worries of wasting time in traffic or standing in long queues to see your doctor. Let the doctor come and visit you at the comfort and convenience of your home. Get the best medical care – home delivered!

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