A balanced diet- It,s all in what you eat corresponds to good health.  A balanced diet, which means a routine intake of the required proportions of food nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats and essential elements, is indeed the cornerstone of health. The notion earlier was that men had to champion the food chart and consume a very highly nutritious diet as they lived an active physical life wherein depended their livelihood while the womenfolk would make-do with the least considering that they played a passive role in rearing a household. Today, however, the role women play in nurturing a family is as dynamic as their partners: principally as mothers, women have a responsibility onto themselves which they have to indulge in wholeheartedly and single-handedly! Therefore, it is extremely essential that that they themselves realize the need to maintain a well balanced diet and know the necessity as well as knack of eating right! While considering the food needs of a woman one crucial factor that has to be kept in mind is that a women might have special nutrient needs at different stages in her life: these needs change. What also has to change along with it is the assortment of her food intake.

Its all in what you eat

To keep her physiological status in tune to her scrupulous activities all women have to consume a healthy diet  which include whole grains, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, dairy, lean protein and to further supplement her diet it is required for them to partake in:

  • Iron rich foods: One of the keys to good health and energy levels in women is the proportion of iron rich food in her diet. The few basic sources of iron include red meat, pork, fish, kale, beans, spinach, lentils and cereals. However, it is believed that iron nutrients derived from plants are expressly absorbed by the body in the presence of vitamin-C rich foods. Therefore it makes sense to consume cereals with strawberry toppings, green salads with orange slices or even a portion of tomatoes in lentil soups.
  • Folic Acid supplements: The insufficiency of folic acid in a woman’s diet can give rise to a number of risks during the birth of her child. Folic acid rich food sources are extremely necessary for women when she reaches the age to bear a child. All would be mothers must ensure the consumption of a sufficient amount of folic acid either from naturally available sources or as diet supplements. The food sources that have an ample supply of folate are citrus fruits, leafy greens, peas and beans.
  • Calcium supplies: Healthy bones, good teeth and a sturdy structure are a few of the basic requirements a woman must fulfill to go about her daily routines unhindered by health malaises. Several ailments in which the bones become weaker and often quickly reach to a point of easy breakage set in when calcium requirements of the body are not sufficed. This definitely is a high risk situation to arrive at for everyone: for women, weak bones and a fragile structure can prove to be disastrous and even more so if the woman is an expecting or a nursing mother. Some of the major natural sources of calcium are fat free milk, curd, cheese, soya-bean and also fruit juices and cereals.

Despite the well known fact that a woman, a mother should eat well, she must take care to see that she never overeats and keep a systematic watch on her calories. Added sugars, fat reserves and alcohol can be fatal to the health of all women therefore they must be careful enough to watch what they consume. It is essential to balance calories with activity which include a timely routine of recreational exercises or even a little bit of housework  which can help maintain a healthy body weight; thus a healthy body.




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