Is Headache A Symptom Of Brain Tumor

Everyone gets headaches at some point or the other. However, it would be totally wrong to associate them with brain tumors. There are some distinguishing factors which separate a simple normal headache from those headaches caused by brain tumors. Before jumping into any conclusion, lets us research a bit more about the connection between headaches and brain tumors

What is the cause of a headache in people with brain tumors?

The skull is perfectly designed to just fit the brain in, without any need for extra space. Any presence of excessive intracranial fluid exerts a lot of pressure on the brain, ultimately drenching you in a lot of headaches.  Hence, there is simply no room for excess fluids or tumors which might create an adverse pressure on the brain as such.

What does a brain tumor headache feel like?

One cannot assign headaches to be the primary symptom of brain tumor. Surprisingly, seizures, vision loss, arms and legs weakness, etc are the first symptoms which might lead you to believe that there is a potential brain tumor building up in your head.

The brain tumor based headaches are not restricted to a particular time of the day. However, some of the patients have reported arousal from their sleep with severe headaches. This is not the wholly supported case since these headaches may occur in some normal individuals too.

What is more important about these brain tumor based headaches is that they are often dull and throb a lot. With the gradual passage of time, these might become more intense and severe, and ultimately become more chronic. Brain tumors vary from person to person and so does the headache symptoms. It is best to consult a doctor before you draw any conclusion on the above-stated facts.

Reasons you might have brain tumor based headache:

Those who have previously suffered from headaches and migraines are not the most important concern for the doctors dealing with brain tumors. IT is those who have not experience any severe headaches before are have lately started experiencing it are a major concern. Also,using medicines like OTC and prescription pain relievers should relieve the pain of a headache. In case, they fail to do so, it is definitely a warning sign you must consider. Once again, do not take these medicines as the standards for judging your symptoms. Refer to a certified doctor if possible.


If you experience any of these three symptoms and especially experience severe headaches when you have some slight change in your movements, it is high time you consult a doctor and let him know the full details. Brain tumor based headaches often lead to these above-mentioned conditions and are generally a characteristic of a far worse condition, when left to time.

While nausea with vomiting is definitive of brain tumor, experiencing nausea without any headaches is not a telltale sign of no brain tumor. User discretion is totally advised in this case.

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