India has been a land of many missed opportunities, in the past .We have had the best ingredients to become a super power and yet are still a developing nation, in the eyes of the world.  We have the largest stable democracy of the world, the most independent and respected judiciary in the world, a large military force totally under civilian rule, huge natural resources and a large number of English speaking professionals and still not a super power.


China which does not have many of these ingredients, and was far behind us as an economic and global power, just a couple of decades ago, is now a super power and is racing to become the number one economic power of the world.

In our Asian context, the race between the Elephant (Indian Economy) and the Dragon (Chinese Economy) was considered a close call in the past but obviously China has raced past us and given below are some of my views on what India needs to focus, within the next decade, to leap frog ahead of China.

  1. Control the population explosion through Education and Incentivisation, without hurting the feelings of the general public.
  2. We should strive to become a full fledged nuclear power and build very strong armed forces (which could even get us a permanent United Nations Security Council Membership) as a deterrent.
  3. Heavy investments will have to be made to improve connectivity, including surface transport (railways and roads), air transport and water ways.
  4. The government will have to increase spend on the Power Sector (Hydro, Thermal, Nuclear and Alternate power with appropriate safe guards for the nuclear sector).
  5. Shoot for self reliance by investing in oil, gas and coal industry to reduce dependence on the Middle Eastern countries which will give us the freedom to take decisions in National Interests without threats of oil embargoes.
  6. Health care: Aim for universal Preventive, Primary and Secondary Health Care by the government.  Public Private Partnership (PPP) for Tertiary Health Care wherever possible by the government. The government will have to play the role of an insurer rather than provider of tertiary health care.
  7. Invest in Education and skill development across the country, again through a PPP model.
  8. Most importantly take all measures possible to prevent or at least reduce corruption at all levels.


These measures will surely enable India to surge ahead and become a global economic and military super power. Further, these would help us be counted as a developed nation and not be categorized as a developing third world country.

These opinions and views are solely mine and do not reflect the views or opinions of Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.




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