For many, more often than not, the intention of losing weight is not just losing the body fat. It probably would be to get more compliments or to just stay away from ailments! In other cases, just an expectation of having an overwhelming transformation in their lives! Whatever the reason is, we have compiled in here some unusually easy and effective tips to do away with that extra belly fat from your tummy! Read on to stay healthy and happy:

1Be handy with fruits! – Be handy with some bananas, oranges or whole grain snacks. This way you will never be starving and would have a low fat snack always at hand to satisfy hunger pangs!

2. Stay hydrated! – Drink as much of water as you can. Drinking water before your meals with an intention of losing weight helps people keep control over how much they eat. Also, cut back on aerated drinks which in turn can help trim your waistline! 

3. Cut back on a meal! – If you have had a good and filling meal in the afternoon, curb yourself from having the same in the evening as well. Let the one in the evening be lighter and vice-versa. We suggest you keep munching on some healthy snacks from time to time. This would curb your craving of indulging in a full-size meal. 

4Go for a Coffee! – You are in for a surprise here. Yes, having coffee does help in losing weight. When dieting, coffee will help you to stay with your diet, providing that vigor to carry on with your diet. Incorporate drinking coffee in your strategy to lose weight!

5Avoid mayonnaise! – Even a dollop of mayonnaise contains an incredible amount of calories! Hold it back if you have any intentions of getting slimmer. We recommend you pick mustard instead. Your waistline would say thank you to you for this choice!                                                          

6. Never skip meals! –  Do not skip a meal altogether if you are serious about losing body fat. Eat less but eat at least thrice a day. If you make meal skipping a habit, the body tends to store more fat. Even if you are not hungry it, is recommended that you eat something. Let it be a healthy alternative – you can relish your favourite fruits! This way you continue to lose weight, by eating what you like eating.

7No savories at home! –  Getting desserts like ice-creams and sweets home are a clear cut no, no, for those who have any intention of losing excess weight. We do not say don’t have them at all but we recommend that if you have a craving for them, you may indulge yourself while you are out. We suggest this because it is seen that people tend to overeat a lot more than their cravings when they bring the high calorie, yummy desserts home.


Fat loss can provide you whooping health benefits like lowered cholesterol, blood pressures and sugar levels and so on. It is also noted that excess weight loss in many have resulted in improved self confidence, mood and physical appearance.

Trim your waistline in a healthy and effective way by incorporating the above mentioned easy tips in your daily life. To get a personalized diet chart you may always come and visit our highly qualified and experienced panel of doctors at Manipal Hospital.

Do stop by next week to read our blog on how you may become slim and trim with just some minor, easy to implement lifestyle adjustments!




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