Healthy Eyes mean a Healthy You

Things Your Eyes Say About Your Health : In the recent past, researchers and doctors have been saying that an unhealthy pair of eyes can be a warning of health issues elsewhere in the body. Here’s a list of health issues that doctors can see in your Eye Surgery in Bangalore eyes things your eyes say about your health.


In diabetic retinopathy the blood vessels in the eye are damaged. There are usually areas of bleeding and swelling in the retina, or even development of abnormal blood vessels. This damage can sometimes be observed even before vision is affected.


High BP can cause permanent damage to vision by affecting blood circulation within the eye. Such damage can be the first clue that a patient is suffering from hypertension.

Inflammatory conditions

Inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis and lupus can be connected to inflammation in the eye. Also, uveitis – an inflammatory disease

can cause permanent damage to the eye, if not treated timely.

Metastatic cancer

Melanoma cancer is primary to the eye, but it can often be found elsewhere on the body too. Breast cancer is an example of a cancer that can be first found in the eye before other tests show that the cancer has spread.

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