Hats off to the brave Indian Armed forces, as they battle Nature’s fury in Kashmir, as valiantly as they have fought the militants in the valley.

Nature has unleashed its fury in an unprecedented manner and flooded the beautiful valley of Kashmir killing hundreds of our citizens and displacing millions in the worst natural disaster of the century in this part of the country.

As always our armed forces rose to the occasion and without batting an eyelid have taken on the nature’s fury head on, rescuing thousands of people, providing food, water, supplies, power and connectivity in the most dangerous conditions without any concern about the personal risks involved in an absolutely selfless manner.

This is where we the Citizens of India should stand up and Salute our Brave-hearts who over and over again have protected our country against foreign invaders, terrorists/militants and natural disasters and at times have made the ultimate sacrifice of laying down their lives for the country in these situations.

It is their greatness that they have done this without prejudice about cast, creed, political affiliations, social and economic status of the people involved.  Some of the people they have rescued and helped may have even tried to harm them in the past.

If only the rest of our citizens acted this way we truly would be the greatest nation on earth.

A word of praise for our Government, which has acted in a remarkably fast and efficient way, in dealing with this crisis. Today I am a proud Indian knowing that we have an exemplary team in our armed forces to take care of us in whatever adversity we face.

Let us all take a bow to acknowledge these extraordinary men and women and also pledge to work unitedly for the nation just as they have done.

We also pray to God for normalcy to return to Kashmir, both as far as the natural disaster as well as the made disaster in the form of militancy /terrorism and political unrest.

God Bless Our Men and Women in Uniform, and our Country.

Jai Hind!

Dr Sudarshan Ballal

PS: These opinions and views are solely mine and do not reflect the views or opinions of Manipal Health Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.




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