Cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry All for that beautiful smile

The key to a beautiful smile design lies in the understanding of the patient’s personality and desires. But there seems to exist some confusion on what could possibly be more helpful for you to achieve this – cosmetic dentistry or aesthetic dentistry? Let’s find out.

Cosmetic Dentistry is the branch of restorative dentistry that strives to improve teeth and smiles to a level reflecting beauty, harmony and natural symmetry.  It brings in the possibility of producing a smile that wouldn’t have belonged there. It’s the art of designing a tooth or smile to mimic nature and to produce restorations not noticed by the eye.

Success in cosmetic dentistry is achieved not only by modifying the white aesthetics (the teeth), but sometimes also the pink aesthetics (the gums).  Cosmetic dentistry also employs coordinated efforts between dental specialties in the reconstruction of a case.  Often, bone grafting and gum grafting are prescribed in conjunction with implants to replace a missing tooth.  Orthodontics or braces are often needed to move teeth to better positions for more predictable aesthetics and function before veneers, crowns or bridges are added to the mix. Cosmetic dentistry therefore requires artistic perception to successfully emulate nature.

Aesthetic dentistry on the other hand is essentially where science and artistic principles are combined to provide great dentistry for people.  Therefore, while it is about improving the way your teeth look, it’s also about improving your oral health.  It actually embraces all kinds of dental treatments and has one aim – to ensure you get the very best outcome in terms of functionality, aesthetics and of course oral health. The difference between cosmetic dentistry and aesthetic dentistry is simple. Cosmetic dentistry strives to improve the appearance of teeth and smiles.  Aesthetic dentistry represents the final subjective result: a smile that looks good.  What looks good to one may not look good to another.  However, what’s certain is that aesthetic success is often attained if nature is reproduced.

When it comes to the question of choosing the service many people get confused.  They perhaps see this as the only name for what is a highly skilled service to improve your teeth.  Be it the way that you smile or the fixing of serious problems at Manipal Hospitals, we offer a full range of treatments that are designed to make you feel great both aesthetically and cosmetically.  All treatments are customized to fit your personal needs.  Consultation is offered by highly skilled doctors who will talk you through any advantages or disadvantages of one treatment or another.

Truly skilled dentistry will give you both health and cosmetic benefits – another reason why we tend to use the term aesthetic dentistry.  While you can have cosmetic dental treatments, it is always best to make sure that your actual oral health can sustain those cosmetic treatments.

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