Among the various ailments that have troubled humanity and especially scientists, cancer has been the strangest. It has had far reaching consequences throughout the world. One of the most painful cancer treatment is Chemotherapy, it is in fact the most painful treatment in the world.


Side Effects of Chemotherapy

The problem with chemotherapy is that it is not only the physical pain that is hurting but the side effects that accompany them. It is a painful experience to see your loved ones go through such torment. However, this is a necessary evil when such a scenario arises. Chemotherapy could be done with curative intent, prolonging your lifespan or to reduce symptoms.

Chemotherapy induces fatigue, draining away every bit of energy left in your body. Chemotherapy( a  treatment towards life) has in treatment cycles. Treatment and Rest alternate each other, which forms a single treatment cycle. Chemo affects the fast dividing cells of the body such as the linings of the intestine, insides of the mouth, blood cells and stomach. Further, it could have the following side effects.


  • It affects the immune system by paralyzing the bone marrow, which controls blood formation.
  • A life threatening gastro-intestinal ailment known as Typhlits could occur because of suppressed immune system
  • Medications introduced during the treatment could lead to nausea, anorexia, vomiting and constipation.
  • Organ dysfunction, coupled with bleeding, hemolysis (blood cell destruction) within the patient could lead to anemia.
  • Anemia along with all the tiresome number medication could induce fatigue into the individual undergoing chemo.
  • A well known effect of chemo is hair loss.
  • Some types of chemotherapy may cause infertility and cognitive impairment

Whatever said and done, when life threatening ailments trouble our loved ones, we might have to live through the pain with them and be a pillar of support. The recovery could be cumbersome and slow, therefore, a lot of emotional support has to be provided. Chemo is one of hardest battles to against life. So let us stand by the one who goes through it.




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