The Dance of Democracy witnessed recently in Delhi, turned out akin to the Mythological Lord Shiva’s Thandav Nrutya, where he destroyed everything in His path; in this case, it is AAP that is demolishing everyone in its path, in a totally unexpected and astonishing election.

I am no political pundit, and will leave it to the gurus to do the post mortem of what, how and why it happened; the political implications of this and what the future holds for the citizens of Delhi and the country.

Some very strong lessons to be learnt from this event are:

  • Hats off to the most mature, intelligent and smart citizens of our country, who have made our democracy truly the most vibrant, robust and proud, in addition to being the largest one in the planet.
  • It is truly amazing that large section of the voters may have been illiterate, underprivileged and from poor socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • They have clearly demonstrated that they have a strong mind of their own and are masters of their own destiny.
  • They use the ballot very intelligently and judiciously to make their choices known in a very non-violent fashion.
  • They decide on who is good for them locally, regionally and nationally, and the choices at each level may be very different as has been shown in this election.
  • They are sure to change their minds quickly if the people they voted are not performing well.

The Choice, understandably, is the most powerful tool in a democracy, where the common man decides the future of governance, based on how well the elected reps cater to their need: A prime example of “Servant Leadership “(where the leaders serve the people they lead).

The common man, in this case, has outwitted, outsmarted and outmaneuvered the political parties, the political pundits, the intelligentsia and all others who thought and believed that they knew the common man better than he or she did, by giving a mandate no one could forecast or predict in their wildest dreams. Another strong message was that one should never take the common man for granted.

This is the great strength of any democracy, where the common man is truly the most important person and the only one who matters in the society. Long live the Common Man (I would have said Aam Aadmi, but wish to remain apolitical as Aam Aadmi now certainly has a very different connotation), and long live Democracy, in this great country of ours.

Jai Hind!

Dr. H Sudarshan Ballal, MD, FRCP (London)
Chairman – Med Adv Board & Medical Director – MHEPL,
Manipal Hospitals, 98, HAL Airport Road, Bangalore-560017

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the writer and not of the hospital.




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