New year health resolutions
New year health resolutions

The new year is around the corner, and for lots of people, this may mean a fresh start and maybe a healthier lifestyle. But for many keeping up with the New Year resolutions remain just a dream and they may well see the end of 2017, too, without much improvement. If you want to turn your fitness dreams into reality then there are several concrete steps you have to take. We have turned those steps into a few daily actions you can practice that will boost your fitness journey by a great deal:

Remind yourself why you are doing this –

The first step on our list isn’t about exercising or eating healthy (that’ll come later), rather it’s about finding your motivation. Every morning, before you start your day, take some time to remind yourself of the reasons for your resolutions. What is motivating you to get fitter? Do you want to look better, fit into your old outfits, feel more energetic and healthy? Take 5 minutes at the beginning of your day to remind yourself why keeping healthy is important to you (it’s even more helpful to write it down) This will strengthen your resolve.

Schedule your day –

A fitter and healthier lifestyle isn’t something that just happens, and if you jump into the new year without a plan, you won’t find yourself making much progress. This can lead you to get disheartened and eventually give up on your goals. The best thing about planning is the sense of control that it gives you. If you feel in control of your fitness journey, you are less likely to be discouraged or give into temptation. So start each day with a clear daily plan for your new lifestyle.

Set SMART goals for the day –

This further elaborates the previous point we discussed about planning your day. Set yourself a routine fitness goal for each day of the week. A SMART goal should be :
  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Realistic
  • Timely
These pointers will help you set a small but concrete goal for yourself every day. For e.g.: You may set a goal to walk for 35 minutes every Sunday from 4:00 P.M

Maintain a food tracker-

Tracking your daily consumption can offer you a lot of insight into your diet and weight gain process. Make a note of the foods you eat every day and their calorie content. Maintaining a food tracker is particularly useful on “cheat days” when you might be tempted to overindulge. This tracker should serve to further strengthen your resolve and give you more control over your journey.

Never skip breakfast! –

This is an extremely important but sadly overlooked part of leading a healthy lifestyle. Your body has been fasting for most of the night so it is important to refuel it with a wholesome breakfast in the morning. This will help you start of our day with energy and motivation as well as keep you from overeating at lunch.

Involve more activity in your life:

Exercise is an important part of fitness. But here, we are talking about involving more physical activity over the course of your normal days. We humans are not evolved to suit the sedentary nature of contemporary lifestyles. So step out of your body’s comfort zone and give it a bit of a workout daily. Walk or cycle to work instead of taking a cab, take the stairs instead of the elevator, and so on.

Daily water intake –

The Institute of Medicine states that an average adult man requires 3.7 litres (15 cups) of water a day, while the average adult woman requires 2.7 litres (11 cups) in order to achieve optimum levels of hydration. Make it a point to increase your daily water consumption.

Daily vegetable intake –

Add plenty of vegetables to your daily diet as they are filled with nutrients, water, fibre, and few calories. This will enable you to fill yourself up without consuming excess calories. Have a recommended 6 servings of vegetables every day.

Accept lapses-

Admittedly, this is not a daily habit. But it is an important mindset to have going forward with your resolutions. There will be times when you will give in to food cravings or not be able to exercise. During these times, do not get disheartened. Instead, get back on track and earn your own trust.

You don’t have to jump into the new year doing all these steps at once. But incorporate them slowly into our daily routine and you will find yourself making progress at a fast and consistent rate. So happy new year and best of luck.







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