7 Delicious Recipes For A Healthier Heart

Most of us are living with a misconception that anything which is healthy is not tasty. But this is not true. If you are good at cooking, you can make different varieties of tasty and heart-healthy dishes. Eating heart healthy recipes is not just good for your body, but it is equally delicious. Wouldn’t you want to give it a try if you want to keep yourself healthy? Once you start eating these foods, you will crave for these recipes.

If you are looking to kick-start a heart-healthy lifestyle, go with different recipes made of heart-healthy ingredients, using minimal fat and whole grains. Your entire day can be heart-healthy from breakfast to dinner. Have a look at few recipes made with your favorite ingredients.

1. Chicken curry

Try this protein rich food with brown-rice seasoned with ginger. The recipe is very easy to cook and takes not more than 30 minutes.

Heat oil in a large bowl and add paste of garlic cayenne, turmeric, and cumin. Then add onions and stir for about 5 minutes over medium flame. Add tomatoes and let cook for another 2 minutes and then add chicken. Stir over medium heat for about 10 minutes and add 1 cup of water and salt and bring it to boil. Add extra taste to the recipe with sugar and vinegar.

2. Chickpea curry

Chickpea is popularly called as “Chana dal” which is a famous north Indian food. It just takes 20 minutes to cook.

Heat oil in a pan and sought onions for about 5 minutes. Add cayenne, coriander, garlic, and turmeric and stir to 3-4 minutes and then add tomatoes and cook until soft for about 5 minutes. In the end, add dillweed chickpeas, water, and salt and simmer for 5 minutes.

3. Shredded carrot raita

If you are a sweet lover, try this sweet and crunchy salad. It takes just 5 minutes and can find a way in your busy schedule.

Soak raisins in water for at least 30 minutes. Add salt, sugar, cayenne and mint to yogurt and beat it to mix well. Now strain the raisins and add them to the yogurt mix. Add grated carrots and halved walnuts. Stir well and serve!

4. Crunchy cucumber salad

Here’s another side-dish which is low in fat (mono-unsaturated) and calories with the refreshing crunch of cucumber and chopped peanuts. It takes around 6 minutes to cook.

Roast chopped peanuts and add this to diced cucumber. To taste better, add salt, sugar, lemon juice and mix them all. Done! It is now ready to eat. Simple right!

5. Barley and corn salad

Barley is fiber rich food, and sweet corn adds a crispy texture to the salad. This recipe is good for your breakfast.

Boil barley and sweet corn in a pressure cooker and cook for 2 whistles. Take a bowl and add chopped red and yellow capsicum, chopped coriander, spring onions, a little sugar, roasted cumin seeds and lemon juice to the cooked barley and corn and toss well. Refrigerate it for one hour and serve chill.

6. Bean and tomato soup

Black (kidney beans/rajma) beans are rich in proteins while tomatoes are rich in the antioxidants vitamin A and C, altogether they work towards maintaining the health of the heart.

Soak beans overnight and drain out all the water from the beans and add 2 cups of water salt and bay leaves and pressure cook till they are soft. Heat oil and add garlic, onions, capsicum, tomatoes in the same order and sauté on a medium flame for few minutes. Add rajma and mix well and let boil for another few minutes. Salt and pepper are the added flavors to the recipe.

You can take any type of beans for this recipe.

7. Honey-Soy broiled salmon

Salmon is omega-3 fatty acids rich food that effectively reduces blood pressure and keeps clotting at bay. If you take this food twice a week, it reduces the risk of dying of heart attack.

Take soy sauce, vinegar, honey and ginger in a bowl and add honey to it. Add sauce to salmon, seal it in a plastic bag and refrigerate for about 15 minutes. Shallow fry salmon in a pan for 6 to 10 minutes and then drizzle with reserved sauce and garnish with sesame seeds at the end.

Try out the above recipes that turn to be a treat for your taste buds and heart as well. You will surely be amazed by the excellent results of healthy eating; after all, food is the most powerful and safest form of medicine. Remember, not to panic your heart with an unhealthy diet, always greet and treat your precious ‘HEART’.

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