5 Precious Tips to Recover From Liver Surgery

A liver surgery is both physically and emotionally draining for the patient. The surgery involves removing a part of the liver from the body. It has been noted that half the liver is sufficient to support the body provided it is healthy. Patients, who have undergone liver surgery, will suffer from a sore belly for a few days, post the surgery. You may also experience nausea, diarrhea, constipation or headaches. Complete rest and proper care must be given to the patients.

Here are five precious tips to recover from liver surgery effectively:

Don’t miss appointments: After the surgery, you will need to make frequent visits to your doctor. Be sure to make a note of all your appointments so that you do not miss a single one. The doctor will regularly monitor your progress and make modifications to your diet and medication schedule. Patients should follow the doctor’s instructions carefully and work towards a speedy recovery.
Diet: Your diet post surgery should be balanced, and should be coupled with plenty of fluids. It is important to stay hydrated at all times and one should ensure they are drinking enough water. Most patients can resume their normal diet in few days after the surgery. However, it should include proteins, green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and dairy products such as yogurt and skim milk. Some patients may suffer from irregular bowel movements which are common symptoms after liver surgery, but if patients suffer acute discomfort for a prolonged period of time, then they should consult their doctor.
Rest: Doctors advise complete rest and recuperation post liver surgery. You should take at least 4 to 6 weeks medical leave from your workplace. Patients should avoid strenuous activities such as bicycle riding, running or weight lifting immediately after the surgery as these activities cause a considerable strain on the liver. It is advisable to stay indoors and avoid crowded places to prevent the risk of infection. Adequate sleep is very important as patients should mandatorily get 6 to 7 hours of sleep every day.
Incision Care: Since the surgery involves cutting through the skin, the incision cut has to be treated with immense care after the surgery. Keep the area clean and dry at all times. Upon removing the tape, wash it with warm, soapy water and pat it dry. You can cover the cut with a gauze bandage if needed. Remember to wash it daily to avoid any infections or complications.
Alcohol Consumption: Post liver surgery, patients should limit their alcohol consumption. It is advisable to stop your alcohol intake before your surgery as well. Heavy drinkers must immediately stop drinking and try to quit smoking as well. It is important, to be honest with your doctor and communicate about your drinking habits.

Make sure that you follow all these 5 tips to recover fast from your liver surgery.

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