5 Modest Ways to Save the Environment

As the world gets ready to celebrate yet another World Environmental Day, it is time to take a look at the progress we have made till now. Unfortunately, the numbers don’t look all that good. According to UN,we are losing 18 million acres of forest each year, impacting our eco system rather severely. Since 1880, the average temperature has steadily risen by 1.4 Fahrenheit degrees and sea levels are expected to rise by 7-23 inches by the end of this century due to the effects of global warming.

Countering environmental issues and global warming requires not just the authorities but even each of us to do our bit. Did you know that just a few basic tweaks in our daily activities can have a positive impact on our environment? Here are 5 simple ways in which you can help save the environment.


More Work, Less Energy:

Today’s work space is completely computerized; hence smart devices consume a lot of energy, but this can be curbed in many ways. Optimizing office computers to switch to power saving mode helps save energy considerably. Similarly, ensuring that computers are shut down while leaving for the day, rather than running them on standby mode also can help bring down your power bill.



It takes one tree to make 8,333.3 paper sheets, so the global demand for trees is considerably out of control. Rather than receiving regular paper printed news copies, subscribe to an online news portal or download a news app. Buy environment friendly paper, which is chlorine-free and made with more sustainable substances like bamboo, hemp, or organic cotton which are environment friendly. Avoid unnecessary prints to test the print copy at work and set the printer to default print settings after the use.


Reduce Use of Harmful Chemicals:

Perilous substances like paint, oil, ammonia and other chemical solutions can pollute the air and water, when kept open. Contaminated air and water can have serious effects on human health; such materials should be disposed at a reserved toxic site.


Start cycling:

Employees residing within 5km distance from the office can be encouraged to opt for a bicycle as their mode of transport. Cycling not only decreases pollution, but is also fitness friendly. Encouraging use of public transport and adopting carpooling can also help reduce greenhouse emission drastically.


Alternate Energy:

Most of the power supplied throughout the country is generated at atomic centers, which causes enormous pollution and involve heavy running costs. Hence, proper use of solar energy can be an ecofriendly and economical solution. Similarly, rainwater harvesting can help decrease your dependency on bore well water and can even indirectly help its supply refill.


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